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Introducing the 3D Vehicle Testing System: The world's first for vehicle diagnostics

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About Us

More than 10 Years of Experience

We began our journey in 2009 as assessors of vehicle accident damage, serving as Expert Witnesses and Vehicle Accident Reconstructionist on behalf of our clients. Throughout this period, we actively sought ways to enhance our traditional business model.

In 2022, we finally discovered the solution we were seeking - Revolutionary Active Thermographic 3D Scanner

This ground-breaking scanner the first of its kind, utilitzed Active Thermographic to accurately identify vehicle damaged bringing about a transformative change in the market.

Origins of our Robot Scanner

Founded from the engineering office as owner-managed by Dipl.-Ing. Volker Carl from Dinslaken, Germany with over 20 years of experience in active Thermography/ Non- Destructive Testing (NDT).

The process was named "Innovation of the Year 2017" by the editors of AutoBild-Klassik. Our 3D Robot Scanner is currently the first few in the entire world used in the following areas:

  • Vehicle Leasing
  • Quality Control
  • Evaluation
  • Used Vehicle Market

Our 3D Robot Scanner

Records the paint condition of the vehicle within a few minutes:

  • Fully
  • Reproducible
  • Contactless

The result is an infrared image that unmistakably shows the first and second coat, the filler material and clear coat. Our 3D thermographic system uses heat to stimulate a surface and high-resolution infrared cameras to capture the images with the result:

  • The smallest differences in paint thickness in the areas of a new paint job are clearly displayed
  • Larger repair areas are clearly identified

Our Services


Vehicle Evaluation

What does it include:

3D Thermographic Scan of External Body

Evaluation of Vehicle External Condition

Detailed Report with Scan Results

Fee: S$180

Click here for the full list of our Vehicle Evaluation checklist!



Pre-Purchase Inspection

What does it include:

3D Thermographic Scan of External Body

Evaluation of Vehicle External Condition

Evaluation of Engine Components, Undercarriage, Brake System,          Fluid Check & More

Comprehensive Report with Scan Results & Diagnostics

Fee: S$300

Click here for the full list of our Pre-Purchase Inspection checklist!

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Frequently Asked Questions

In 15 minutes, it can scan for issues such as: - Excessive filler - Paint Thickness - Weld jobs
We leverage an advanced 3D thermographic system along with state-of-the-art high-resolution infrared cameras to ensure precise and reliable assessments in our Vehicle Evaluation, instead of relying on manual checks. This technology stimulates the surface with heat and captures detailed images for accurate analysis.
Vehicle Evaluation – Our 3D Robot Scanner only detects external bodyworks (excessive filler, paint thickness etc) Pre-Purchase Inspection – It includes the Vehicle Evaluation as well as an additional diagnostic and evaluation of engine components to do a more detailed overall check such as the undercarriage, brake system etc. If you prefer a more thorough check for your vehicle, we would recommend you the Pre-Purchase Inspection service.
Our PPI Package includes: - Diagnostic Scan - Evaluation of Engine Components - Under Carriage, Brake Systems and more